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TFT Controllers with USB and LAN Interfaces

Apollo's innovative Artista controllers series is able to drive TFT displays either via USB, LAN or the serial interface without the need of a graphics card. It is now easy to create and implement energy-efficient and cost-saving systems.

Apollo Displays offers the following controllers:

  • ArtistaUSB
    • Our ArtistaUSB controller series is able to drive TFT displays and 4-wire resistive touch screens via USB interface without the need of a graphics card - easy, comfortable and cost-efficient.
  • ArtistaNET-III
    • ArtistaNET-III is a single ARM-Board with 1Gbit/s Ethernet interface for integrating TFT displays in LAN/Wifi/3G/GSM systems without a client PC. Extremely short image transmission periods to full image and the low power consumption allow for passively cooled image processing systems.
  • ArtistaGUI
    • HMI Controller to implement modern, touch based Man-Machine-Interfaces (MMI) for machine control
    • MicroSD Card for application software
    • Script based application development
    • Short time-to-market
  • Firestorm GUI
    • The Graphical User Interface (GUI) Firestorm is a serial controller for TFT displays which serves as intelligent human-machine-interface. It provides visual feedback and user input functions via a connected touch screen.
    • Perfect solution to supplement classic controller-based systems with a TFT display
    • Wide temperature range
    • Fast system start-up