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TFT-Controller: PrismaMINI

To satisfy the increasing demand for compact size and greatest cost efficiency, whilst still fulfilling the usual high industrial quality standards and performance, our engineers have developed a new concept – the PrismaMINI. 

Based on the new ST’s Chandler scaler chip, we offer selected PrismaMINI standard versions but the final functions of this innovative TFT controller will be tailored to meet your own specific project requirements. In close co-operation with our developers you will decide what features need to be implemented, the shape of the PCB, input and output interfaces and more.


Our goal is to give you a solution that perfectly fits your individual application.

The outstanding features of PrismaMINI:

  • Very space saving and cost efficient
  • Top -20 to +80°C
  • HDCP compliant
  • Single-LVDS output (max. 1366x768)
  • Serial interface (UART, RS-232) for remote control via remote OSD
  • DDC interface to control the most important image parameters, to make an OSD keypad superfluous
  • Optimized design for supporting LED TFTs

Custom options of PrismaMINI:

  • Wide choice of input interfaces
    (max, input resolution 1920 x 1200 @ 60Hz)
    • HDMI 1.4
    • DVI
    • Display Port
    • VGA
  • Dual-LVDS output (max. 1920x1200)
  • Serial interface (UART, RS-232) for remote control via remote OSD
  • OSD menu in all languages / characters
    e.g. Arabic, Chinese, French, Greek, Japanese, Cyrillic, Turkish

We can supply series-production PrismaMINI kit solutions or a "Proof-of-Concept”  kit (based on a PrismaMINI-HDMI) with one of the following TFTs:

Ampire: AM-1280800P2TZQW-00H, AM-1280800P3TZQW-00H and AM-1280800P3TZQW-10H

AUO: G084SN05V9 & G101EVN01.0
Innolux: G070Y2-L01, G121I1-L01, G104X1-L03 and G104X1-L04
NLT: NLB150XG01L-01
Mitsubishi: AA050MG03
Sharp: LQ150X1LG71

Based on a first reference implementation (HDMI input, single LVDS) we can react to your requirements very quickly.

Please contact us.