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Configuration Software

MarsRover Screenshot

Our new software enables easy configuration of our Prisma TFT controller boards according to your requirements. Two versions are available:

The software enables configuring the following board features:

  • LVDS timing (with spread spectrum for increased EMI performance)
  • Power Sequencing (T-CON, BLU, PSU remote signal on screw terminal)
  • T-CON supply voltage is configurable for 3.3V / 5.0V or 12V
  • Backlight unit (BLU) control (ANA/PWM, 3.3V/5V min/max, with pixel dimming)
  • Adjustable LVDS option pins (e.g. for reverse scan, JEIDA/VESA mapping, H/L, 3.3V or 5V level)
  • Configuration can be saved as XML file for future use
  • OSD setup and user data can be saved and re-used
  • Firmware and EDID can be updated easily
  • operation hour counter
    (analyzable separately for display and backlight)
  • the user can chose the active input interfaces
    (for shorter switching periods when searching for an input source)

New MarsRover software features:

  • Panel Configuration
    • LVDS channel swap
  • Board Configuration
    • „Enable SOG (Sync On Green) on VGA port“
    • 4-/6-Button Keypad selection
    • 2 custom modes for special timings can be defined