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Industrial TFT Controllers with RGB, DVI, HDMI, Video SDI Interface

Our industrial Prisma converter board series enables TFT displays to be connected to standard graphics or video interfaces.

Input signals such as Analog-RGB, Analog-Video (C-VBS, SHVS, component, CCIR) , DVI , HDMI (HDCP) , Serial Digital Interface 3G SDI or Display Port  will be converted into a TFT display TTL or LVDS signal. 

Besides the conversion of signals, Prisma boards scale the input signal to the appropriate TFT resolution, when needed. The core of our Prisma boards is the scaler chip which also offers an OSM (On-Screen-Menu) that enables the user to make personal settings such as adjusting the brightness, auto adjust, etc.

Thanks to our experienced software engineers, Apollo's Prisma converter board offers functionalities such as customized OSD menus, customized serial protocols for remote commands, cross hair applications, text overlays, serial control functions of external units, and more.

Furthermore, Apollo Displays enables customizations for any mechanical solution and additional hardware functionality.

Apollo Displays offers the following Prisma controllers:

  • PrismaECO-slim-II
    Our PrismaECO-slim-II is the most space and cost saving board of the Prisma converter board series, providing one RGB analog (CRT) input interface and one LVDS output interface
  • PrismaECO-III
    Our PrismaECO-II is a cost effective, yet powerful version with RGB and DVI input interfaces
  • Prisma-IIIA and Prisma-III
    Our Prisma-IIIA provides top performance up to full HD for all industrial and media applications, meets our green IT requirements and is 100% mechanically compatible to our popular Prisma-II
  • PrismaMEDIA-II
    Our PrismaMEDIA-II is a high-performance VGA/2xHDMI1.3a HDCP/DVI/3G SDI/Display Port/S-Video/CVBS/Component Stereo-Audio converter board with Full HD (1920x1200) / 1080p support
  • PrismaMEDIA-eco
    Our PrismaMEDIA-eco is a cost-efficient HDMI/DVI/VGA converter board with full HD
  • PrismaMOBILITY
    Our PrismaMOBILITY is a powerful HDMI/DVI (HDCP) controller board with full HD for long signal transmission and with daisy chain function.
  • PrismaMINI
    Space-saving and cost-efficient controller board, tailored to meet your own specific project requirements in form and function.


  • Compatibility of subsequent products in terms of form, function and integration
  • Production according to automotive standard ISO/TS16949
  • Software, firmware and hardware are all customizable
  • Produced solely with industrial components
  • Full technical support
  • Long-term availability