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Plug & Play SBC Kit solutions with industrial TFTs sized 10.4" to 23"

OUr single board Computer TFT kit Solutions consist of TFT display, Ontario IPC (AMD, 2 x 1.65GHz DualCore) and all necessary accessories.

These kits are the basis for our industrially proven POS-Line Monitors, which  stand the test in daily use in industry and multimedia.

  • Ready to operate (plug & play)
  • Included in delivery: AMD Dual Core T56N 1.65 GHz actively cooled, LVDS and backlight cables, TFT display
  • Optional: passive cooler for Ontario T56N
  • Optional: RAM 4GB (DDR3 133MHz), SSD 2.5"/min. 60 GB, cable with power switch, power supply
  • Optional for projects: Intel i5 and i7 board (2 x 2.2 GHz, ChipSet QM67)
  • From October: Intel® Atom™ E3800 (4core) boards

Available kits:

KI-07-206            10.4 DS-2018-T56N / G104X1-L04
KI-07-200            15.0 DS-2018-T56N / G150XGE-L04
KI-07-201            17,0 DS-2018-T56N / G170EG01V1
KI-07-202            19.0 DS-2018-T56N / G190EG02V1
KI-07-203            19.0 DS-2018-T56N / G190EG01V1
KI-07-204            21.5 DS-2018-T56N / LM215WF3-SLC1
KI-07-205            23.0 DS-2018-T56N / LM230WF3-SLD1

Further details are available on request. Please contact us.

Option: WebPoster as Kiosk-System

As software add-on for our plug-and-play SBC kit solutions we offer the WebPoster firmware. This is a kiosk-system software for easy display of websites without Windows O/S.

  • „Embedded System“ for displaying websites
  • for web based process monitoring, POI or signage displays
  • no basic- and service cost for WIN O/S
  • Plug-and-Play
    • connect device to the network and switch on
    • use a Windows PC with our free and easy to use software to setup the device to the address of the web page to be displayed
    • device displays this web page permanently in full screen size

available from October 2014

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