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VacuBond optical bonding passed further climate tests

VacuBond optical bonding provides excellent results under severe climate conditions: This is what the customer’s approval tests in accordance with DIN 60068 showed again. The test objects were a 7" and a 15.4" TFT display for outdoor use with bonded touchscreens.

optically bonded TFT display with touchscreen and cover glass

The bonded units were tested according to DIN 60068-2-1Ab and 60068-2-78Ca for 504 hours under each of the following temperatures: -40°C, +80°C and +60°C with a humidity of 95%. In addition, a temperature cycling test was conducted according to DIN 60068-2-14Nb. Here, the test objects passed through 100 cycles starting with 30 minutes at -40°C, a temperature change of 10K per minute to +80°C, which then remained constant for another 30 minutes.

The high-quality Optogel that combines the individual components in the VacuBond process has passed all these tests properly. Especially for outdoor use, VacuBond provides many advantages: it improves the readability of the TFT display, prevents the ingress of moisture and dirt particles, improves heat dissipation and increases the robustness against vibration and shock.

We bond all TFT displays in sizes up to 32" with touch screens and / or protective glasses and if required also directly into your housing.

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03.07.2016 hristina Sicheneder