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VacuBond Optical Bonding impresses even under the harshest conditions

One of our major global customers installed an industrial 7" and a 15.4" TFT display in terminals for outdoor applications. We have optically bonded the displays in our VacuBond process with glass/glass touchscreens to a single unit. The client took the finished terminal under harsh temperature test: 100 cycles between -40 and +80°C.

Harsh temperature test: Display shows weaknesses, VacuBond Optical Bonding without any defects

Under these extreme conditions the TFT displays showed weaknesses: The internal polarizer was deformed and partially detached. The VacuBond on the other hand, has passed this temperature test properly and without any defects.
Optical Bonding offers many advantages: it improves the readability and the heat dissipation, prevents condensation (fogging) and the ingress of dirt and also increases the resistance to vibration and shock.


We bond all TFT displays up to 27" and starting next year up to 32" with touch screens and/or protection glass. Even "free air exclusion" bonding, during which air spaces inside the displays are being filled or bonding the pure TFT cell are no problem.

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12.02.2015 Christina Sicheneder