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Industrial upgrade to AUO’s 10.1" TFT Display

AUO presents the G101EVN01.2, a 10.1" WXGA (1280x800) TFT display with improved standards. In comparison to the G101EVN01.0 it shows a higher brightness of 500cd/m² instead of 300cd/m² and thus a more brilliant image. In addition, AUO has extended the temperature range: The G101EVN01.2 is specified for a storage temperature range of -30 to + 80°C and for a operating temperature range of -20 to +70°C.

AUO's G101EVN01.2 TFT Display

AUO more than tripled the minimum LED backlight operation life for the G101EVN01.2 and the LED converter is integrated into the panel. Samples are currently available on our stock in Germering for an immediate shipment. To go with this display, we offer a projected capacitive 10.1" touchscreen with either I²C or USB interface.

For the assembly our VacuBond Optical Bonding process provides the perfect solution: In addition to securely connecting display and touchscreen VacuBond also improves the sunlight readability of the bonded unit and its robustness against vibration and shock.

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03.16.2016 Christina Sicheneder

G101EVN01.2 Datasheet1.0 M