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TFT displays with factory-integrated PCAP touchscreen + your individual Front Glass: How to assemble?

More and more manufacturers provide TFT displays with an integrated PCAP touchscreen as standard. The compact design and the integrated touch controller are handy for a quick and easy integration. Often, however, a special or custom front glass is required, be it for design reasons or for protection - for example from vandalism. Here shows the disadvantage of the integrated PCAP solution: Due to the lacking bezel the assembly of a cover glass in a conventional optical bonding process is impossible. VacuBond® provides an optimum solution.

TFT Display with integrated PCAP and optically bonded cover glass

For our VacuBond® optical bonding process, bonding a customized protective glass on the PCAP surface is not a problem because in contrast to wetbonding a dam is superfluous. The high-quality Opto α-gel combines the touch display securely with the protective glass and also makes it more resistant to mechanical stresses such as vibration and shock: As the video link at the bottom of this page shows the Opto α-Gel works against vibrational resonances and dissipates the energy impact to the side.

We provide you with touch displays, custom protective glasses according to your requirements and optical bonding with zero optical defect production, all from one source.

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04.10.2016 Christina Sicheneder

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