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For all applications where a web page is to be displayed on a monitor, the Data Display Group has developed a WEB-Monitor with an integrated embedded Linux. As usual for network devices, the monitor can be configured with a browser via LAN. After turning the unit on, a web page that was preconfigured is displayed.

Web Monitor

The monitor requires no further administration or operation and provides a high system availability without high running costs for maintenance. The device can be switched off or disconnected from power at any time.

Base of the WEB-Monitor is in the industrial Data Display Group POS-Line series. The monitors are available in sizes from 15"up to 55". The WEB monitor has a built-in PC, is passively cooled, and thus well protected against contamination.


  • Panel diagonal: 15 ", 17", 17.3 ", 19" 21.5 ", 23", 31.5 ", 42", 46 ", 55"
  • Housing: Rugged metal housing, cooled passively, also available as open frame monitor
  • PC: AMD Ontario platform
  • Software: Embedded Linux to display a web page


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

09.15.2014 Werner Schubert