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Vertical or Horizontal: Innolux 15" TFT Display

Innolux presents the R150XJE-L01, a 15" TFT display which offers a very wide, symmetrical viewing angle of v/h 170°/170° due to its MVA technology. Therefore it can be used either in landscape or portrait mode and suits for a variety of applications. The LED converter for the backlight is integrated in the space-saving panel.

Innolux R150XJE-L01 TFT Display with a wide, symmetrical viewing angle

The R150XJE-L01 features XGA resolution (1024x768), a brightness of 350cd/m² and an operating temperature range of -10 to + Top 65°C.
It is compatible with the Innolux TFT Display G150XGE-L04 and therefore offers an interesting alternative for customers who use this screen already.

We can supply you with a R150XJE-L01 kit solution including our Prisma TFT controller boards and all necessary accessories.

For more details, please refer to the datasheet or contact us.
We are happy to help you.

R150XJE-L01 Datasheet 630 K