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Unlimited possibilities for your Touch Screen Design

Do you want to use a projected capacitive touch screen and prefer a special design? Then Data Display Group's modular touch solutions are the right choice: We laminate touch films in sizes ranging from 5" to 19" on customized cover glasses. We implement special glass shapes, colored prints in your favorite colors and logo prints according to your specifications.

Unlimited possibilities for your Touch Screen Design

Special coatings, such as anti-glare or privacy filter, as well as shatterproof  glasses in different strengths for public areas: the possibilities are almost endless.

By using a touch foil instead of a conventional touch screen we eliminate a glass layer between TFT display and cover glass. This saves space and gives better optical results.

With our VacuBond technology we can optically bond the touch screens with a display of your choice from our TFT program to one unit.

In addition to the customized designs, we offer the PCAP touch screens as a standard product with black passe-partout print.

For more details on our modular touch solutions, please refer to the flyer at the bottom of the page or contact us.


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