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Sunlight readable: The AUO P550HVN06.0

The new 54.6" TFT display P550HVN06.0 by AUO features a high brightness of 2,500 cd/m². Its High TNI (110 ° C) liquid crystal prevents blackening of the screen under sunlight. Thus your content is brilliant and easy to read even in bright ambient light or direct sunlight.

AUO TFT Display P550HVN06.0 with 2500 cd/m² brightness

P550HVN06.0’s symmetrical wide viewing angle of 89° from all directions ensures color fidelity and a high-contrast image also from the sides. The converter for the LED backlight is already integrated into the panel, which makes a space-saving solution.

For a quick and easy control of the TFT display we supply a complete kit solution with our Prisma-IIIA VGA / DVI / HDMI TFT controller and all the necessary cables.

Please contact us for more details.