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Program the Performance of your SmartLED converter on your own

The variety of different requirements of LED backlights in TFT displays results in a financial burden for users. Each TFT display requires an individual converter to supply the optimum values for its backlight operation. To reduce expenses, the Data Display Group developed the SmartLED converter series. Via the user Software SmartLEDRover you may adjust these converters individually to the requirements of your TFT display backlight.

SmartLED-IV converter for a perfect TFT backlight control

SmartLED converters are available in 3 versions with different input and output voltages. All versions are equipped with a 32-bit ARM processor, which links all input and control signals and allows extensive customizations. Among others, the LED current, PWM frequency, PWM settings for the minimum and maximum brightness and active LED outputs can be individually set.

You can store the configurations you create and transfer them easily to other SmartLED converters. Thus you only need one single stock item to create perfect backlight controls for backlights of various TFT displays.

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08.24.2015 Christina Sicheneder