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Powerful LED Converter SmartLED-III

Apollo Displays has introduced the new SmartLED-III to their industrial LED converter series. It provides the same features as the SmartLED-II converter and it can control LED backlights up to 4 channels instead of 2 channels. It has also been designed to drive modern LED rails with Vcc = 20…50V. The converter is highly configurable via the integrated software and thus can be adapted perfectly to the requirements of any application.

Configurable SmartLED-III Converter

Due to a SEPIC regulator the SmartLED-III achieves a high efficiency factor exceeding 90% and the integrated micro-controller allows for a flexible handling of all input and control signals via firmware.

Special features:

  • Input: 8 – 28V
  • Output: 9 – 56V, 30mA – 260mA per channel (rail), total power limited to approx. 44W
  • Control via analog voltage (0..3.3V or 0..5V) or PWM (100 .. 1000Hz)
  • Output PWM synchronized to input, sync signal or free-running with programmable frequency
  • I2C for ambient light sensor and temperature sensor(s)
  • Additional GPIOs for local control of brightness
    (push buttons, sensor pads or potentiometer)
  • Capability to connect multiple boards in a master-slave setup for high-power applications
  • Control input for NVIS mode
  • Error flag to detect failure of power stage or LED rail
  • LED brightness control by PWM dimming for stable color temperature; optionally, use current control or combined dimming for brightness control
  • Wide dimming range up to 1:15000 (depends on PWM frequency)
  • Control characteristic curve can be adapted upon customer request

Some features require specific firmware support or are mutually exclusive to other features. For further details, please refer to the datasheet or contact us.


Smart LED-III Datasheet 0.9 M