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Plug & Play: TFT Display Kit Solutions

Do you want to integrate a TFT display quickly and easily into your application? Our kits offer the ideal solution! They consist of the TFT display, a controller board and all necessary accessories such as converters and cables. All components are perfectly matched and tested, so that they can be installed and put into operation right away.

Kit solution: Mitsubishi TFT Display AA150XT01, PrismaECO-III, LED converter and cables

The kits are available with different TFT display controller solutions:

  • Prisma series TFT controller with VGA, DVI, HDMI, DP, Video, SDI interface
  • Artista series TFT Controller with direct USB interface or as industrial network mediaplayer
  • Ontario IPC (AMD, 2 x 1.65GHz Dual Core)

Of course we can also customize the kits to meet your special requirements. We are able to integrate a touch screen or a protective cover and our optical bonding process VacuBond allows for combining these components to a single unit.

For more information, please visit our display kit page or contact us.