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New Version of the IF392 Interface Board

Data Display Group’s IF392 interface board was developed for connecting small TFT displays with FFC (flexible flat cable) easily to the Prisma and Artista controller boards, IPCs or to customer’s own systems. The board connects to the LCD controller via the standard LVDS output connector.

Kit solution: TFT display, IF392 interface board and Prisma controller board

The compact board features an LED driver and a resistive 4, 5, and 8 wire touch controller for USB or serial control and offers a space-saving adapter solution with industrial quality design.

The IF392 is designed for the TFT displays ET043003DM6 from EDT and GWTW50SNCH3E0 from SGD. We have now introduced the new IF392M specifically for the two Mitsubishi TFT displays AA050MG01/MG03 and AA050MG01-T1/MG03-T1.

Of course we may also develop customized versions of the IF 392 for TFT displays from 2.4" to 7" according to your requirements.

If you are interested in the IF392 board, please contact us.
For further information on our Prisma and Artista boards, please click here.


26.03.2014 Christina Sicheneder

IF-392 Datasheet 387 K
IF392M Datasheet 1.1 M