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The new PrismaMOBILITY-II

Apollo Displays has added a new model to their Prisma controller board series that is highly configurable to the requirements of your application. The PrismaMOBILITY-II is a DVI-I (DVI + VGA) / DisplayPort TFT controller board with an input voltage range of 9V to 36V, that is able to control all common LVDS displays up to a resolution of 1920x1200. It features a wide operating temperature range of -20 ... + 70°C, which makes it the perfect solution for TFTs that are intended for use in bus, truck or rail applications.

PrismaMOBILITY-II TFT Controller

The PrismaMOBILITY-II is equipped with an RS-485 interface to access extensive remote diagnostics capabilities for monitoring system parameters such as panel and backlight currents, temperature and fan function.  With an optional ambient light sensor, the board can automatically adapt the brightness of the TFT backlight to ambient light conditions and thus guarantee optimal readability at the lowest possible power consumption.

During the development special attention was paid to electromagnetic compatibility so the PrismaMOBILITY-II meets the test standard of EN55022 even without a housing.

Using the Mars Rover software, the properties of the PrismaMOBILITY-II can be configured as needed.  For example, panel timinga can be changed, unneeded inputs can be disabled for a clearer OSD menu, custom video modes can be set, and the output TFT frame rate can be optimized. As an option, we can provide temperature or brightness sensors, an infrared remote control and OSD menus in all languages and character sets.

Please contact us for more information, we will gladly advise you.

09.21.2016 Christina Sicheneder