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New 10.1" Compact Panel TFT Display For Integration

Apollo Displays launched the CP-G101EVN01.0-A00, a new Compact Panel with a diagonal of 10.1". This TFT display module has an installation depth of only 12.7mm, due to our extra slim PrismaCompact-Media TFT controller board which is mounted on the rear of the TFT display. The result is an easy-to-integrate solution for all applications that have limited space and still require a TFT display and controller board.

CP-G101EVN01.0-A00 CompactPanel

The CP-G101EVN01.0-A00 features WXGA  resolution (1280x800), a brightness of 300cd/m², a wide viewing angle of v/h 170°/170° and an operating temperature range of 0...+60°C. For a plug-and-play solution that perfectly fits your requirements, we offer accessories from individual cables to a complete connection kit.
If you need a touch screen and / or a protective glass, our VacuBond® technology offers an innovative optical bonding process to laminate these components to the CP-G101EVN01.0-A00.

Our Compact panel range includes the standard sizes 12.1", 15", 17", 18.5", 21.5"and 27". On a project basis, however we can provide the Compact Panel concept with many other TFT displays of your choice. 

For more information please visit our Compact Panel page or contact us.


11.26.2014 Christina Sicheneder