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New 18.5" Compact Panel – Open Frame Monitor With A Small Footprint

With the new CP- G185XW01 V1-A00, we add a powerful 18.5 " model to our compact panel open frame monitor series. Especially in applications where an extremely low installation depth is required, the compact panel provides a quick and easy to integrate solution.

Compact Panel CP-G185XW01V1-A00

The slim design with a depth of only 16.4 mm is enabled by the PrismaCOMPACT-Media TFT controller board, which has been designed specifically for a small footprint. Therefore the complete Compact Panel is only about 8mm thicker than the TFT display alone.

With its HD resolution of 1366x768 pixel, a brightness of 300 cd /m² and a viewing angle of typically v / h 160°/ 170°, the CP- G185XW01 V1-A00 provides good optical features.

Optionally, the Compact panel is available with touch screen or safety glass, also optically bonded, if desired.
For an overview of our Compact Panels, please click here or contact us with any questions.