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Intelligent LED Backlight Converter - SmartLED-II

The SmartLED-II is the latest version of our in-house developed LED backlight converters and with an output power of up to 40 Watts enables control of two high brightness LED rails. The converter’s special software allows for perfect configuration to meet the special requirements of different application fields.

Due to a high-efficiency buck regulator the SmartLED-II reaches an efficiency factor of ≥ 92%. An integrated microcontroller handles all input and control signals.

SmartLED-II Converter

Special features:

  • Input: 11 – 16V
  • Output: 7 – 10V, 200mA – 2A per channel (rail)
  • Control via analog voltage (0..3.3V or 0..5V) or PWM (100 .. 1000Hz)
  • Output PWM synchronized to input, sync signal or free-running with programmable frequency
  • I2C for ambient light sensor and temperature sensors
  • Additional GPIOs for local control 
    (pushbuttons, sensor pads or potentiometer) of brightness
  • Capability to connect multiple boards in a master-slave setup for 
    high-power applications
  • Control input for NVIS mode
  • Error flag to detect failure of power stage or LED rail

Some features require specific firmware support or are mutually exclusive to other features. Please contact your sales partner to discuss possible options or combinations.

For further information please refer to the datasheet at the bottom of this page.


17.12.2013 Christina Sicheneder

Smart LED-II Datasheet559 K