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For TFT Displays with Embedded DisplayPort: PrismaECO-eDP

For new TFT displays with full HD resolution, manufacturers are now focusing exclusively on eDP (embedded DisplayPort) as an input interface, because eDP enables higher data rates and optimized power consumption. Taking account of this development, the Data Display Group has developed the TFT controller board PrismaECO-eDP and samples are available now.

PrismaECO-eDP TFT Controller with embedded DisplayPort output

The PrismaECO-eDP offers an HDMI and a DisplayPort input and can control TFT displays with dual lane eDP interface and resolutions of VGA (640x480) up to WUXGA (1920x1200).

The brightness of the backlight can be controlled via PWM or analog voltage, but can also be adjusted automatically to ambient light conditions by using an optional ambient light sensor.

Our exclusive configuration software, ChandlerRover allows the system designer to make individual adjustments of PrismaECO-eDP, for example port selection, timing, EDID programming and many more. This gives PrismaECO-eDP the flexibility to meet exactly the requirements of the customer’s application.

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02.12.2015 Christina Sicheneder