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2 in 1: AUO P550HVN04.2 double-TFT display

The 55" P550HVN04.2 AUO presents an innovative novelty: a double-sided LCD display. It consists of 2 displays that share one LED backlight and are installed in one housing so that both the front and the rear of the panels show a picture. The two sides can show either the same or different screen content. Nevertheless, the P550HVN04.2 is only 19.6mm thick and thus narrower than most standard TFT displays in this size.

The P550HVN04.2 features an outstanding image quality due to its full HD resolution (1920x1080),  a brightness of 700 cd / m² and a contrast ratio of 4000: 1. Thanks to A-MVA technology, the TFT has a symmetrical viewing angle of 89 ° from all directions and can be used both in landscape and in portrait mode.

Our HDMI / DP / VGA TFT controller board PrismaMEDIA-eco enables easy control via the LVDS interface and is optionally available with 2 x 5W active stereo audio.

The double-TFT display is particularly suitable for installation in doors, pillars or digital posters, where a small footprint is important. First samples will be available end of January.

For further technical details of the P550HVN04.2 please refer to the datasheet or contact us.

12.18.2014 Christina Sicheneder

P550HVN04.2 Datasheet1.4 M