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Cost-efficient successor to the AA084SB11: Mitsubishi’s AA084SD11

Mitsubishi has introduced the AA84SD11, an interesting and long-term available successor to the AA084SB11 with an excellent price-performance ratio. The new 8.4" TFT display features SVGA resolution (800x600), 1200cd/m² brightness and a wide temperature range of Top -30...+80°C, just as the previous model. The AA084SD11 has a depth of only 18mm but apart from that the TFTs have identical external dimensions.

Mitsubishi TFT Display AA084SD11 and LED Converter SmartLED-III

For ongoing projects please consider that both versions are plug-compatible but the plugs are not mounted in the same place.

Our SmartLED-III converter for the LED backlight can be adapted perfectly to the requirements of your application. Upon request we provide the display with our Prisma VGA / DVI / Video TFT controllers as a complete kit solution. Our VacuBond technology offers a state of the art optical bonding procedure for installing a touch screen and/or a cover glass.

For more details of AA084SD11 please refer to the data sheet or contact our sales department.


11.04.2014 Christina Sicheneder

AA084SD11 Datasheet 197 K