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Configure your LED Converter according to your needs

Each TFT display demands unique values for optimum operation of its LED backlight. Therefore, up to now each TFT model needed its own special LED converter which causes enormous purchasing and inventory costs. This is no longer necessary: our new SmartLEDRover software allows every customer to adjust the SmartLED series LED converters easily and exactly to the needs of your TFT display.

SmartLEDRover Software Screenshot

With our SmartLEDRover software you configure individually parameters such as the LED current, PWM frequency, PWM settings for minimum and maximum brightness and active LED outputs (up to 4 channels).

You can store the configurations you create and transfer them easily to other SmartLED converters.
This allows easy serial production of precisely configured converters for various applications. Thus, the SmartLED converter can be the universal base for your custom projects with different TFT displays.

Please click here for information on SmartLED converters.

You can find more details on the SmartLEDRover software in the datasheet at the bottom of the page or contact us.

03.24.2015 Christina Sicheneder

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