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Bonding replaces screws

For use in harsh environments, such as agricultural machinery, it is common practice to use a combination of TFT displays and protective glass. Usually the protective glass is glued in the housing and the display is screwed tightly for a secure hold. The problem that kept occurring with this method is that tension would arise from the two different fixations. As a solution, Apollo Displays offers VacuBond optical bonding: bonding replaces screws.

In this particular case, a Mitsubishi 10.4" High Bright TFT display was optically bonded with VacuBond against a 4mm chemically tempered protective glass. Then the protective glass was glued to the dashboard of the vehicle. VacuBond connects the display safely with the protective glass so that no screws are necessary. The unit passed the shock and vibration test according to DIN IEC60721-3-7 (Class 5M1, 5M2, 5M3) without any problems.

Thus VacuBond enables simple installation and prevents tensions by "competing" tolerances.              

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