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New Features of the Prisma -IIIA TFT Controller

Apollo Displays along with our sister company, Data Display Group, R&D department continues to improve the Prisma family TFT controllers by adding advanced new features. The Prisma-IIIA and its new firmware version, for example, provide the following new features, some of which can be partially configured to the customer’s needs with the MarsRover software:

Prisma-IIIA TFT Controller

  • The inputs of the Prisma-IIIA can be enabled and disabled individually by the customer, so that unused inputs do not appear in the OSD menu. This makes the menu more clear-cut and simplifies its use.
  • The output TFT frame rate can be adjusted with MarsRover. The customer can set a fixed output frame rate or range, thus optimizing the conversion of input and output frame rate. This avoids artifacts and jerking of the content.
  • An operating hours counter for power-on and display-on has been integrated
  • For VGA input, Sync-On-Green can be activated for more flexibility in dealing with a wide variety of video signals
  • Via board configuration, a 4 or 6 button keypad use can be selected. Thus the customer can preset the keypad he wants to use or change the keypad without needing a custom firmware.
  • 2 individual video modes can be defined so that no custom firmware is needed for the customer’s special video modes.

Please click here for more information on our Prisma-IIIA and the MarsRover software.

We can also develop customized TFT controllers for special requirements.
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