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Perfect solutions for TFT Displays with eDP interface

Apollo Displays offers you the perfect solutions for controlling TFT displays with embedded DisplayPort interface: You have the choice between the powerful PRISMAeco-eDP TFT controller or the LVDS2eDP adapter that allows you to keep your existing controller solution and still use one of modern, sleek full-HD displays.

PrismaECO-eDP TFT controller and LVDS2eDP interface board

The LVDS2eDP adapter converts a dual LVDS signal into a 2-lane eDP signal. This allows you to easily connect eDP TFT displays with a resolution up to WUXGA (1920x1200) to various controller platforms with Dual LVDS transmitter.

PrismaECO-eDP features an HDMI and a DisplayPort input. It controls TFT displays quickly and easily via dual-lane eDP interface and supports a resolution of currently WSXGA (1600x900) to WUXGA (1920x1200).

A particular advantage of PrismaECO-eDP is the fact that it can be adjusted individually to the requirements of the application. The exclusive configuration software ChandlerRover enables for example port selection, timing, EDID programming and many other settings. This is particularly useful for system integrators who can adjust the PrismaECO-eDP individually for each customer.  Your configurations and OSD menu settings can be downloaded from the EEPROM of the controller board and easily be transferred to other boards. This allows for a quick serial production of precisely configured TFT controller boards for various applications. Thus, the PrismaECO-eDP is the universal basis for custom projects with different TFT displays.

Of course we supply you with complete kit solutions including LG’s 12.5" LP125WF-SPB1 and 15.6" LP156WF6-SPB1 or AUO’s 14" TFT display B140HAN01.1. Their eDP interfaces allow for higher data rates with optimized power consumption and better EMC performance than TFT displays with LVDS interface.

For more details on our eDP solutions please refer to the data sheets at the bottom of the page or contact us.

05.06.2015 Christina Sicheneder

Prisma ECO-e DP Datasheet 1.1 M
LVDS2e DP-01 379 K