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17″ TFT Display With Wide Viewing Angle: LB170E01-SL01

Apollo Displays is about to receive the first samples of LG’s new 17” LB170E01-SL01 TFT display. This impressive new display has IPS technology, allowing for a wide viewing angle of v/h 178°/178° and therefore provides an alternative to the very popular, but now obsolete Samsung LTM170E8-L01.

The LB170E01-SL01 with LED backlight and SXGA resolution (1280x1024) has a brightness of typ. 400cd/m² and an extended temperature range of Top -10…+70°C. The IPS technology enables the LB170E01-SL01 to be used also in portrait mode due to symmetrically wide viewing angles from all sides.

For further technical information please refer to the datasheet or contact us.

Of course we can offer you accessories as LED converters, touchscreens or industrial TFT controller as well.


08.01.2014 Christina Sicheneder

LB170E01-SL01 Datasheet3.0 M