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Case Study: Information Monitors at the San Francisco Airport

Apollo Display Technologies acquired an interesting project at the San Francisco Airport: The outdated red LED scrolling signs for the airport railway stations should have been replaced by modern TFT monitors. However the customer wanted to keep the serial communication protocol that transmitted data to the LED signs. The solution is a custom 46" POS-Line Monitor made in Germany (Eisenach):

POS-Line monitors replace LED signs at the San Francisco airport

The monitor includes a 46" high bright TFT display that ensures good readability of the content even in direct sunlight. The display is controlled by a VideoPoster-III TFT controller with a custom firmware which perfectly processes the existing serial communication protocol. To protect the display from rain and fog the monitor features a waterproof housing.

The old LED signs could only provide short monochrome text information. The POS-Line monitors provide comprehensive information for travelers and also playback videos in perfect quality.

Please contact us; we have a solution for your project, too.

05.15.2016 Christina Sicheneder