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Black and white: 7" PCAP touchscreens

Apollo Displays now offers their 7 inch PCAP touchscreens in two modern true-flat versions: the TP-DD0700-A05 with white and the TP-DD0700-A06 with black sealing. Both touch screens have a USB touch controller integrated on the flex cable and are HID compatible, so they do not need drivers for modern Windows, Linux or Android operating systems.

TP-DD0700-A05 with white and TP-DD0700A06 with black sealing

The touchscreens feature peripheral adhesive strips on the rear. So they can be mounted easily and quickly on a TFT display.

Apollo Displays PCAP touch screens are available in many standard sizes from 5 to 12.5 inches with USB or I²C controller. For projects we are pleased to offer other sizes or colors to help you create your individual customized design.

Rear view TP-DD0700-A05 with adhesive strips

Please contact us, we will gladly advise you.


04.20.2016 Christina Sicheneder