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Best EMI results for Data Display Group PCAP touchscreens

Data Display Group’s PCAP touchscreens have passed various EMI tests in accordance with DIN EN61000 and DIN EN55011 in customer applications with excellent results. The tests took place in accredited laboratories, both on immunity and on emission and in all tests the touchscreens achieved function class A (without influence on the device under test)

Data Display Group's PCAP Touchscreens with excellent EMI test results

This means that the touchscreen operated correctly, even in multi-touch operation and did not show false triggering or become unresponsive. Operation was also possible with thin cotton gloves.


We offer our PCAP touchscreens in sizes from 5.0 "to 27.0" (12.7 to 68.58 cm), but for projects custom sizes or designs are possible.


Please contact us, we will gladly advise you.

09.28.2015 Christina Sicheneder