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AA192AA01: The Panorama Display for your Content

Mitsubishi’s 19.2" TFT display AA192AA01 with a resolution of 1920x360 pixels and a bar-type aspect ratio of 16:3 is the perfect partner for kiosk or information applications. The display offers a brightness of 500cd/m² and the converter for the LED backlight is already integrated in the panel.

Mitsubishi panorama TFT display AA192AA01

Other features of AA192AA01 are a wide working temperature range from -30 to + 80°C and a viewing angle of 80° from the sides and from below, ideal for overhead mounting for example, in public transport.

Samples are currently available from stock Germering.

Please contact us, we will send you an offer.


03.02.2016 Christina Sicheneder

AA192AA01 Datasheet 197 K