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4 x Wide Viewing for Landscape and Portrait each:
The Kyocera 10.4" and 12.1" TFT display range

All eight Kyocera 10.4" and 12.1" (26.42 and 30.73cm) TFT displays from Apollo Displays product range feature the Advanced Wide Viewing (AWV) technology which results in a symmetrical wide viewing angle of v/h 170°/170°. Thus contrast and color fidelity is maintained even at extreme viewing angles.

Kyocera 10,4" and 12,1" TFT display with wide viewing angle

The LED backlight converter is already integrated in all eight TFT displays. Both TFT diagonals are available with different levels of brightness ranging from 400cd/m² up to very bright 1300cd/m² (1200cd /m² for 12.1").
These high brightness versions are suitable for use in bright ambient light and keep their good readability in direct sunlight. Due to a very wide temperature range from Top -30...+80°C they withstand harsh environmental conditions. On request we equip the displays with a protective glass and/or a touchscreen using our modern VacuBond Optical Bonding process. This increases the robustness while maintaining high optical quality.

Of course, we can supply all eight displays with our Prisma TFT controller boards as a VGA / DVI / HDMI / Video - solution.

On our website you will find all details on our Kyocera TFT display program. Samples of most TFTs are available on stock Germering.

Please contact us; we will gladly advise you which display fits your project best.

09.21.2015 Christina Sicheneder