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32" PCAP Touchscreen in your own Design

Apollo Displays PCAP touch screens are now available in sizes from 7" to 32" (17.78 to 1.28 cm). The new 32" version now enables an individual touch design for this common TFT display size, as well. The modular system permits virtually unlimited design freedom: Our touch foil is combined with a customized protective glass whose shape, thickness, printing, coating and resistance is determined by you.

32 inch touch foil for a touchscreen in our own design

The possibilities are numerous and are configured by the requirements of the end product: colored logo print, antiglare or AR coating for applications with incident light or shatterproof glass for use in public areas are just a few examples. We use our VacuBond technology to optically bond the individual touchscreens to a TFT display for a complete touch display unit. For example, AUO’s P320HVN02.1 is a suitable TFT display.

Please refer to the flyer at the bottom of this page for more information.
Other sizes are available on a project basis.

Please contact us, we will find the right solution for your application.

06.15.2016 Christina Sicheneder

Infinite Touch Design Flyer 1.0 M