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For vertical use: 12-inch XGA TFT Display 07.07.2016

Mitsubishi's TFT display AA121XP01 can be used either in portrait or in landscape mode

Mitsubishi now offers the AA121XP01, a 12" TFT display with XGA resolution (1024x768 pixels) and IPS wide viewing technology. Therefore the display features a wide, symmetrical viewing angle of 170°/170° and can be used both in landscape and in portrait mode. The image content remains rich in contrast and easy to read despite a lateral viewing direction. [more]

Ready to connect: Brilliant 46" kit solution 06.27.2016

AUO’s 46" TFT display P460HVN04.2 shows brilliant images even in bright ambient light due to its high brightness of 1500cd /m². Combined with our TFT Controller PrismaMEDIA-eco we provide this display as a complete kit solution which you can put into operation quickly and easily. [more]

32" PCAP Touchscreen in your own Design 06.15.2016

32 inch touch foil for a touchscreen in our own design

Apollo Displays PCAP touch screens are now available in sizes from 7" to 32" (17.78 to 1.28 cm). The new 32" version now enables an individual touch design for this common TFT display size, as well. The modular system permits virtually unlimited design freedom: Our touch foil is combined with a customized protective glass whose shape, thickness, printing, coating and resistance is determined by you. [more]

Bright 19" Touch Monitor for Industrial Applications 06.08.2016

Bright 19" Monitor Front View

Apollo Displays presents a new conceptual 19" POS-Line monitor, which perfectly matches the requirements of industrial applications and is manufactured to the highest quality standards in Germany. The monitor contains a sturdy Mitsubishi TFT display and has a very high brightness of 1,200cd / m² for the best readability even in bright ambient light. Nevertheless, the LEDs of the backlight have a very long lifetime of typical 100,000 hours. The integrated PCAP multi-touchscreen can of cour [more]

Case Study: Information Monitors at the San Francisco Airport 05.15.2016

POS-Line monitors replace LED signs at the San Francisco airport

Apollo Display Technologies acquired an interesting project at the San Francisco Airport: The outdated red LED scrolling signs for the airport railway stations should have been replaced by modern TFT monitors. However the customer wanted to keep the serial communication protocol that transmitted data to the LED signs. The solution is a custom 46" POS-Line Monitor made in Germany (Eisenach): [more]

Bright, Brighter, Brightest: The Ampire 7 Inch TFT Display Series 04.26.2016

Ampire 7 inch TFT Display

Ampire is a manufacturer of high-quality TFT displays, which offers a mechanically compatible, high-resolution 7-inch TFT display family. It comprises of three TFTs with WXGA resolution (1280x800), wide viewing angle of v/h 160°/160° and integrated LED converter: AM-1280800P2TZQW-00H, AM-1280800P3TZQW-10H and AM-1280800P3TZQW-00H. Due to their different brightnesses of 500cd/m², 1000cd/m² and 1500cd/m² they cover all applications from indoor use with artificial light to outdoor use. [more]

Black and white: 7" PCAP touchscreens 04.20.2016

TP-DD0700-A05 with white and TP-DD0700A06 with black sealing

Apollo Displays now offers their 7 inch PCAP touchscreens in two modern true-flat versions: the TP-DD0700-A05 with white and the TP-DD0700-A06 with black sealing. Both touch screens have a USB touch controller integrated on the flex cable and are HID compatible, so they do not need drivers for modern Windows, Linux or Android operating systems. [more]

Ready-to-connect 18.5" VGA/DVI Kit solution with a wide temperature range 04.11.2016

AUO G185HAN01.0 TFT Display and Prisma-IIIA TFT Controller, both with wide temperature range

AUO’s 18.5" full HD resolution (1920x1080) TFT display G185HAN01.0 is distinguished by its symmetrical wide viewing angle of v/h 178°/178° and its wide temperature range from -20 to +70°C. The converter for the backlight is integrated into the panel. For the fast implementation of a functional solution, we provide a complete kit with our Prisma-IIIA TFT controller, which is specified for a temperature range from -20 to + 70°C, too. [more]

TFT displays with factory-integrated PCAP touchscreen + your individual Front Glass: How to assemble? 04.10.2016

TFT Display with integrated PCAP and optically bonded cover glass

More and more manufacturers provide TFT displays with an integrated PCAP touchscreen as standard. The compact design and the integrated touch controller are handy for a quick and easy integration. Often, however, a special or custom front glass is required, be it for design reasons or for protection - for example from vandalism. Here shows the disadvantage of the integrated PCAP solution: Due to the lacking bezel the assembly of a cover glass in a conventional optical bonding process is impossib [more]

All-rounder by Mitsubishi: AA084XD01 03.29.2016

Mitsubishi TFT Display AA084XD01

Thanks to IPS technology, Mitsubishi’s 8.4" TFT display AA084XD01 features a wide viewing angle of 85° from all directions. Therefore it can be used flexibly either in portrait or in landscape mode, while always providing a perfect image with high contrast and brilliant colors. [more]

Industrial upgrade to AUO’s 10.1" TFT Display 03.16.2016

AUO's G101EVN01.2 TFT Display

AUO presents the G101EVN01.2, a 10.1" WXGA (1280x800) TFT display with improved standards. In comparison to the G101EVN01.0 it shows a higher brightness of 500cd/m² instead of 300cd/m² and thus a more brilliant image. In addition, AUO has extended the temperature range: The G101EVN01.2 is specified for a storage temperature range of -30 to + 80°C and for a operating temperature range of -20 to +70°C. [more]

VacuBond optical bonding passed further climate tests 03.07.2016

optically bonded TFT display with touchscreen and cover glass

VacuBond optical bonding provides excellent results under severe climate conditions: This is what the customer’s approval tests in accordance with DIN 60068 showed again. The test objects were a 7" and a 15.4" TFT display for outdoor use with bonded touchscreens. [more]

AA192AA01: The Panorama Display for your Content 03.02.2016

Mitsubishi panorama TFT display AA192AA01

Mitsubishi’s 19.2" TFT display AA192AA01 with a resolution of 1920x360 pixels and a bar-type aspect ratio of 16:3 is the perfect partner for kiosk or information applications. The display offers a brightness of 500cd/m² and the converter for the LED backlight is already integrated in the panel. [more]

New SGD Bar Type Display 02.18.2016

SGD Bar Type TFT Display GWTS80MNFG1E0

SGD presents the new 8" GWTS80MNFG1E0 bar type TFT display with a resolution of 1600x480 pixels. Due to its special format it provides exceptional opportunities for the presentation of your content. The symmetrical wide angle of v/h 170°/170° ensures great readability and a brilliant picture from all sides... [more]

Robust Mitsubishi TFT in a new size: AT104XH11 02.16.2016

Robust TFT displays by Mitsubishi

Mitsubishi presents a new member of their particularly robust TFT displays series: the 10.4" AT104XH11. This XGA (1024x768) display has been designed - just like the 7 "AT070MJ11 - for applications in extreme environments and withstands a vibration load of 6.8G. This makes it perfect for use in machines or vehicles. Another impressive feature of the AT104XH11 is its extremely wide operating temperature range from -40 to + 85°C and a brightness of 1200cd/m², it shows brilliant images in bright... [more]

Larger Bonding: VacuBond Optical Bonding now up to 32" 12.16.2015

TFT display with optically bonded touchscreen

With two new, larger VacuBond machines the Data Display Group has not only expanded their optical bonding capacities, but can now also bond larger TFT displays up to 32". Of course we guarantee a zero optical defect production for the new size as well, whether bonding a touch screen, a protective glass or both on the display. [more]

VacuBond Optical Bonding impresses even under the harshest conditions 12.02.2015

Harsh temperature test: Display shows weaknesses, VacuBond Optical Bonding without any defects

One of our major global customers installed an industrial 7" and a 15.4" TFT display in terminals for outdoor applications. We have optically bonded the displays in our VacuBond process with glass/glass touchscreens to a single unit. The client took the finished terminal under harsh temperature test: 100 cycles between -40 and +80°C.[more]

Brilliant Kyocera 8.4" TFT display 11.25.2015

Kyocera TCG084SVLQxPNN-ANx33 high brightness TFT display with wide temperature range

Kyocera's new TCG084SVLQxPNN-ANx33 TFT display with a resolution of 800x600 pixels (SVGA) features a high brightness of 1200cd/m². Thus, the perfect readability of the displayed contents is preserved even in bright ambient light. The space-saving LED converter is already included in the panel. [more]

New, very bright 10.1 inch TFT display 10.14.2015

AMOLED TFT Display AL101WXL02-N featuring high brightness and a wide viewing angle

The Data Display Group presents the 10.1" WXGA (1280x800) TFT Display AL101WXL02-N manufactured by AMOLED. Its brightness of 1300cd / m² at a contrast ratio of 800: 1 guarantees a brilliant image, even in bright ambient light. Due to the wide viewing angle of v/h 170°/170° the content is perfectly readable from all directions. [more]

Best EMI results for Data Display Group PCAP touchscreens 09.28.2015

Data Display Group's PCAP Touchscreens with excellent EMI test results

Data Display Group’s PCAP touchscreens have passed various EMI tests in accordance with DIN EN61000 and DIN EN55011 in customer applications with excellent results. The tests took place in accredited laboratories, both on immunity and on emission and in all tests the touchscreens achieved function class A (without influence on the device under test) [more]

4 x Wide Viewing for Landscape and Portrait each:
The Kyocera 10.4" and 12.1" TFT display range

Kyocera 10,4" and 12,1" TFT display with wide viewing angle

All eight Kyocera 10.4" and 12.1" (26.42 and 30.73cm) TFT displays from Apollo Displays product range feature the Advanced Wide Viewing (AWV) technology which results in a symmetrical wide viewing angle of v/h 170°/170°. Thus contrast and color fidelity is maintained even at extreme viewing angles. [more]

For harsh environments: The Mitsubishi AT070MJ11 09.14.2015

Mitsubishi AT070MJ11 TFT display for harsh environments

The first samples of the new, robust 7" Mitsubishi TFT display AT070MJ11 with WVGA resolution (800x480) are now available from our stock. This display provides impressive values in all areas: an extremely wide operating temperature range from -40 to + 85°C allows for a trouble-free operation outdoors or in vehicles, both in winter and in summer. The high brightness of 1500cd/m² ensures good readability even in sunlight. In addition, the display withstands a vibration load of 6.8G, which makes it [more]

Program the Performance of your SmartLED converter on your own 08.24.2015

SmartLED-IV converter for a perfect TFT backlight control

The variety of different requirements of LED backlights in TFT displays results in a financial burden for users. Each TFT display requires an individual converter to supply the optimum values for its backlight operation. To reduce expenses, the Data Display Group developed the SmartLED converter series. Via the user Software SmartLEDRover you may adjust these converters individually to the requirements of your TFT display backlight. [more]

Samsung discontinues two 46” and 55” TFT Displays 08.19.2015

Samsung declared the TFT displays LTI460HN01 and LTI550HN01 EOL by the end this year. Last order date is the 15th of September 2015 and there will be no successor models as Samsung focuses on the versions with ultra narrow bezel which are still available. [more]

New Sizes For Your Individual Touch Design 08.17.2015

Modular Touch Design according to your requirements

Apollo Displays offers its modular touch solutions now in the new sizes 12" wide and 24". Therefore individual PCAP touch screens with your own design are now available in 9 different sizes between 7" and 27". With our modern VacuBond technology we laminate the corresponding touch foils on customized cover glasses. You determine form and print of these glasses according to your requirements. [more]

Smoke and fire load optimized POS-Line Monitors 07.27.2015

Smoke and fire load optimized POS-Line Monitors

The Data Dispay Group presents a new smoke and fire load optimized version of their successful POS-Line monitor series. An independent reviewer tested these monitors to DIN EN 13501-1 for fire classification of construction products and building elements according to Class B S1 d0. The certificate is valid for a special solution of POS-Line series with integrated PC based on AMD processor Ontario and with SSD hard drive. It confirms that the monitors are difficult to ignite and in case of fire [more]

Function meets Design: Apollo Displays PCAP Multi - Touch Screens 07.23.2015

Data Display Group's PCAP Touch Screens in different sizes

Apollo Displays offers a wide range of their own projected capacitive touch screens in sizes 5", 7", 10.1" and 10.4". Depending on the version, these touch screens can be operated with up to 10 finger multi-touch function. The black printed border conceals the display bezel and enables elegant true-flat designs. [more]

Hot or cold: AUO 24" TFT with Wide Temperature Range 07.15.2015

AUO G240HW01V0 (S03) with wide temperature range

From September AUO provides the version (S03) of their 24" TFT display G240HW01V0. Unlike its predecessor, it features a wide operating temperature range of -20 to + 70°C and displays a clear, true-color image also at these low or high temperatures. [more]

Vertical or Horizontal: Innolux 15" TFT Display 07.10.2015

Innolux R150XJE-L01 TFT Display with a wide, symmetrical viewing angle

Innolux presents the R150XJE-L01, a 15" TFT display which offers a very wide, symmetrical viewing angle of v/h 170°/170° due to its MVA technology. Therefore it can be used either in landscape or portrait mode and suits for a variety of applications. The LED converter for the backlight is integrated in the space-saving panel. [more]

Bonding replaces screws 06.25.2015

VacuBond Display with protective glass front view

For use in harsh environments, such as agricultural machinery, it is common practice to use a combination of TFT displays and protective glass. Usually the protective glass is glued in the housing and the display is screwed tightly for a secure hold. The problem that kept occurring with this method is that tension would arise from the two different fixations. As a solution, Apollo Displays offers VacuBond optical bonding: bonding replaces screws. [more]

Unlimited possibilities for your Touch Screen Design 06.23.2015

Unlimited possibilities for your Touch Screen Design

You want to use a projected capacitive touch screen and prefer a special design? Then Data Display Group's modular touch solutions are the right choice: We laminate touch films in sizes ranging from 5" to 19" on customized cover glasses. We implement special glass shapes, colored prints in your favorite colors and logo prints according to your specifications. [more]

For special applications: the configurable SmartLED Converter 06.18.2015

Configurable SmartLED-IV Converter

The SmartLED series LED converter provides the perfect controller solution for TFT display backlights, because they can be adjusted exactly to the requirements of your application. Special applications are not a problem for the SmartLED converters: The SmartLED-II for example is suitable for explosion-protected areas because its low voltage prevents air discharge arcing. [more]

Sunlight readable: The AUO P550HVN06.0 06.08.2015

AUO TFT Display P550HVN06.0 with 2500 cd/m² brightness

The new 54.6" TFT display P550HVN06.0 by AUO features a high brightness of 2,500 cd/m². Its High TNI (110 ° C) liquid crystal prevents blackening of the screen under sunlight. Thus your content is brilliant and easy to read even in bright ambient light or direct sunlight. [more]

Sharp images with high-resolution Mitsubishi 15" TFT displays 05.20.2015

Mitsubishi AA150PD03 high resolution TFT display

The new 15" Mitsubishi TFT displays with form factor 4:3 and a high resolution of 1400x1050 pixels provide a very sharp and detailed image. The AA150PD03 offers a brightness of 500cd/m² and the LED driving board for the backlight is already included in the panel. The AA150PD13 is with its 1000cd/m² twice as bright and suitable for use in high ambient light. [more]

TFT controllers are now multilingual 05.18.2015

Multilingual OSD menu for TFT controller

Thanks to a newly developed firmware the Data Display Group now offers multilingual TFT controllers. You can easily select the appropriate language in the OSD menu. The TFT controllers master English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, Danish, and on request any other language of your choice. Consequently nothing stands in the way of using them in international applications. [more]

Perfect solutions for TFT Displays with eDP interface 05.06.2015

PrismaECO-eDP TFT controller and LVDS2eDP interface board

The Data Display Group offers you the perfect solutions for controlling TFT displays with embedded DisplayPort interface: You have the choice between the powerful PRISMAeco-eDP TFT controller or the LVDS2eDP adapter that allows you to keep your existing controller solution and still use one of modern, sleek full-HD displays.[more]

Ranking in Industry Award 2015’s Best of List: PrismaMOBILITY-II 04.20.2015

Industry Award Best of for the PrismaMOBILITY-II TFT Controller Board

Apollo Displays sister company, Distec, was selected for the Industry Award 2015’s best of list with the innovative industry solution PrismaMOBILITY-II. We are pleased that our development work has been acknowledged by the judges. [more]

Withstands vibrations: The Mitsubishi AT070MJ01 04.09.2015

AT070MJ01 vibration resitant Mitsubishi 7 inch TFT with wide temperature range

For harsh environments Mitsubishi has developed the new 7-inch TFT display AT070MJ01 with WVGA resolution (800x480). Its vibration resistance of 6.8G is seven times higher than that of standard TFT displays so that it can perfectly cope with construction vehicle or agricultural applications. A very wide operating temperature range of -40 to +85°C ensures trouble-free operation even in extreme temperatures. Thus, the AT070MJ01 easily withstands use outdoors in heavy frost or in the interior of [more]

Configure your LED Converter according to your needs 03.24.2015

SmartLEDRover Software Screenshot

Each TFT display demands unique values for optimum operation of its LED backlight. Therefore, up to now each TFT model needed its own special LED converter which causes enormous purchasing and inventory costs. This is no longer necessary: our new SmartLEDRover software allows every customer to adjust the SmartLED series LED converters easily and exactly to the needs of your TFT display. [more]

2 in 1: The double-sided AUO P550HVN04.2 TFT display 03.18.2015

AUO P550HVN04.2 double-sided TFT Display Kit Solution. You can see the rear side in the mirror on the left.

We have just received the first samples of the double-sided 55" AUO TFT and we are excited: The modern panel consists of 2 displays that are installed in one housing. Our picture shows the rear in the mirror on the left. Nevertheless, the P550HVN04.2 is only 19.6mm thick and thus narrower than most standard TFT displays in this size. The two sides of the panel can show either the same or different screen content and the brightness can be adjusted independently. [more]

Quick and easy installation: On-Cell Touch TFT display kit solution 03.16.2015

Kyocera 7 Inch On-cell-Touch Display Kit Solution

First samples of Kyocera 7" TFT display TCG070WVLRxPCx-GDx118 with the innovative on-cell touch technology are now available ex stock Germering. We provide you with a complete kit solution for a quick and convenient start-up. [more]

Twins from AUO: Two Compatible 31.5" TFTs 03.09.2015

AUO P320HVN TFT Displays

AUO offers two mechanically and electrically compatible 31.5 "TFT display versions to choose from. Both have a Full HD resolution (1920x1080) for a highly detailed display of the content. The symmetrical wide angle of v/h 178°/178° guarantees excellent readability, even from the side. Thus the displays can be used either horizontally or vertically. [more]

For TFT Displays with Embedded DisplayPort: PrismaECO-eDP 02.12.2015

PrismaECO-eDP TFT Controller with embedded DisplayPort output

For new TFT displays with full HD resolution, manufacturers are now focusing exclusively on eDP (embedded DisplayPort) as an input interface, because eDP enables higher data rates and optimized power consumption. Taking account of this development, the Data Display Group has developed the TFT controller board PrismaECO-eDP and samples are available now. [more]

Newest updates to our Web Store 02.11.2015

New web store updates

We are very excited to announce some great updates we have made to our web store! Our goal is to make your online buying experience simple, convenient, and cost effective. So with that said, here are some of our latest web store updates. [more]

Case Study: TFT Displays in Construction Vehicles 02.04.2015

7" control and operation display with custom touchscreen in a construction vehicle

The Data Display Group has realized a very interesting project with a large German construction machinery manufacturer: robust, optically bonded operating and control displays in construction vehicles. The requirements are high in such harsh environments: shock and vibration resistance, perfect readability under all circumstances, no condensation / fogging between LCD and touch as well as protection against the ingress of dirt are particularly important. [more]

Broad Range of TFT Displays with Wide Viewing Angle 01.29.2015

TFT displays with wide, symmetrical viewing angle

Are you looking for an industrial TFT display with a symmetrical wide viewing angle from all directions, which can be used both in landscape and in portrait mode? The Data Display Group offers a wide selection of such displays in sizes from 5 "to 27". [more]

Mitsubishi Best TFT-LCD Distributor 2014 01.15.2015

Mitsubishi Best LCD-TFT Distributor 2014 Award for Distec GmbH

Distec has been awarded Mitsubishi’s Best TFT-LCD Distributor Award 2014 for outstanding sales performance. Mitsubishi's wide product range of high-quality TFT displays combined with our strong inventory commitment and our comprehensive customer support are the key factors that contributed to us winning this prestigious award. [more]

ISE 2015: TFT Display Innovations for Industry and Commerce 01.08.2015

Visit us at the ISE in Amsterdam in Hall 10 at Booth N129.

Distec GmbH is going to present several industrial display innovations at the Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) 10th to 12th February, 2015 in Amsterdam, Netherlands: The new LCD WEBPoster, the POS Line monitor series with integrated Core-i PCs and the innovative VacuBond optical bonding process are some examples.[more]

2 in 1: AUO P550HVN04.2 double-TFT display 12.18.2014

With the 55" P550HVN04.2 AUO presents an innovative novelty: a double-sided LCD display. It consists of 2 displays that share one LED backlight and are installed in one housing so that both the front and the rear of the panels show a picture. The two sides can show either the same or different screen content. Nevertheless, the P550HVN04.2 is only 19.6mm thick and thus narrower than most standard TFT displays in this size. [more]

The new PrismaMOBILITY-II 09.21.2016

PrismaMOBILITY-II TFT Controller

Apollo Displays has added a new model to their Prisma controller board series that is highly configurable to the requirements of your application. The PrismaMOBILITY-II is a DVI-I (DVI + VGA) / DisplayPort TFT controller board with an input voltage range of 9V to 36V, that is able to control all common LVDS displays up to a resolution of 1920x1200. It features a wide operating temperature range of -20 ... + 70°C, which makes it the perfect solution for TFTs that are intended for use in bus... [more]

Innolux 28″ Ultra High Definition 4k TFT Display Kit 11.26.2014

M260DGJ-L30 TFT Display with 4k UHD resolution and ZG323 Controller Board

The Ultra High Definition 4k TFT Displays with a resolution of 3840 x 2160 dots is a state of the art display. The high pixel density allows for pin sharp imaging of filigree structures and the display of a lot of information. Four unscaled FHD images can be displayed simultaneously. Also scaled contents such as Fonts are displayed a lot sharper, allowing a less fatiguing reading. [more]

New 10.1" Compact Panel TFT Display For Integration 11.26.2014

CP-G101EVN01.0-A00 CompactPanel

The Data Display Group launched the CP-G101EVN01.0-A00, a new Compact Panel with a diagonal of 10.1". This TFT display module has an installation depth of only 12.7mm, due to our extra slim PrismaCompact-Media TFT controller board which is mounted on the rear of the TFT display. The result is an easy-to-integrate solution for all applications that have limited space and still require a TFT display and controller board. [more]

New 42" LG Display TFT


The Data Display Group has just added LG Display’s new 42" TFT display LD420EUN-UHA1 to the product range. It features full HD resolution (1920x1080) a brightness of 700cd/m², a wide viewing angle of v/h 178°/178° and can be used either in landscape or in portrait mode. The fast response time of 8ms guarantees smooth screen changes. [more]

Many possible combinations with VacuBond® Optical Bonding 11.18.2014

AUO TFT Display G065VN01 optically bonded with PCAP touchscreen and cover glass

With Apollo Displays Vacubond technology, a wide choice of touchscreens and cover glasses can be combined and optically bonded to perfectly meet the requirements of your application. A zero-optical-defect production guarantees the highest optical quality. [more]

Cost-efficient successor to the AA084SB11: Mitsubishi’s AA084SD11 11.04.2014

Mitsubishi TFT Display AA084SD11 and LED Converter SmartLED-III

Mitsubishi has introduced the AA84SD11, an interesting and long-term available successor to the AA084SB11 with an excellent price-performance ratio. The new 8.4" TFT display features SVGA resolution (800x600), 1200cd/m² brightness and a wide temperature range of Top -30...+80°C, just as the previous model. The AA084SD11 has a depth of only 18mm but apart from that the TFTs have identical external dimensions. [more]

10.4" to 55" POS-line open frame monitors 10.21.2014

POS-Line open-frame monitor

Apollo Displays POS-Line series offers the ideal monitors for system integrators and OEMs. Produced in Germany using industrial components, they are perfect for a variety of applications such as interactive vending, machine controls or information monitors at the point of sale. [more]

Three New Samsung High Brightness PID TFT Displays 10.17.2014

Samsung introduces three new full HD (1920x1080) PID TFTs in sizes of 46", 55" and 75" with a very high brightness of 2500cd/m². LTI460HF01-V(0), LTI550HF04-V(0) and LTI750HF01-V(0) are ideal for applications with direct sunlight or bright ambient light. [more]

Sharp 19" TFT Display Kit solution with top -20...+70°C 10.13.2014

Sharp TFT Display LQ190E1LX75 with wide temperature range

The Data Display Group has just added Sharp’s LQ190E1LX75 TFT display to the line card. This 19” display with SXGA resolution (1280x1024) features a brightness of 350cd/m² and a wide symmetrical viewing angle of v / h 170°/170°. Therefore the LQ190E1LX75 is perfect for portrait mode applications. [more]

I²C Interface for Touchscreens 10.09.2014

Data Display Group I²C Touchscreens

The Data Display Group provides high quality touch solutions with I²C interface, which are 30 to 40 percent cheaper than comparable USB versions. Featuring a very sleek design and a black mat rear printing, they are available in sizes of 5", 7", 10.1" and 10.4" diagonal. [more]

Case Study: Trailblazing POS Unit in Optician Store 10.02.2014

Interactive POS-Line Monitor

Our British subsidiary Display Technology Ltd. realized another interesting project in the UK: A touch-enabled point of sale unit carried out for fashionable high street optician Kite GB. Via the unit, customers are able to take photos of themselves wearing different frames, then post them on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms - so that their friends and family can look at the chosen frames and give their opinions. [more]

New analog resistive 5-wire touch screens 09.26.2014

Abon resistive Touch Screens

The Data Display Group has newly introduced the analog 5-wire resistive touch screen range from the Taiwanese manufacturer Abon Touch. They are available in sizes from 26.42cm to 48.26 cm (10.4" to 19"), can be operated with gloves or a stylus and are very robust. Abon Touch screens offer a high industrial standard in terms of touch sensitivity, accuracy and reliable operation. [more]

WEB-Monitor 09.15.2014

Web Monitor

For all applications where a web page is to be displayed on a monitor, the Data Display Group has developed a WEB-Monitor with an integrated embedded Linux. As usual for network devices, the monitor can be configured with a browser via LAN. After turning the unit on, a web page that was preconfigured is displayed. [more]

DMC PCAP Touchscreens with Water Detection 09.09.2014

Water detection for DMC's DUS series PCAP touch screens

DMC has announced an optional water detection function for their DUS series projected capacitive touch screens. On touch screens without water detection, rain can cause malfunctions because the controller misinterprets the conductive contaminant as an input. This hinders the use in outdoor applications. [more]

IP65 Monitor with 55″ Screen Size 08.28.2014

55 inch monitor with IP65 protection

When ambient conditions render the use of unprotected monitors impossible, monitors with IP protection are the ideal solution. For very harsh environments inside buildings or workshops, the Data Display Group has now developed a 55″ monitor with IP65 protection and integrated PC. [more]

Thin 12.5 "TFT display with eDP Interface 08.25.2014

The LP125WF2-SPB1 is a 12.5" TFT display from LG Display, which has the LED converter for the backlight integrated. Nonetheless it is extremely thin with a maximum depth of only 2.85mm and thus suitable for all applications where a small installation depth is important. [more]

Interface LVDS to eDP 08. 25.2014

Interface LVDS2eDP

New, medium sized full HD TFT displays with diagonals of 11″ to 17″often feature an eDP (embedded Display Port) interface. eDP is a new standard for display control which requires less wires and has a lower power consumption. However most current controller solutions such as graphic cards or SBCs are not yet eDP compatible.[more]

Industrial Rack Mounting Displays 08.04.2014

Rack mounting display with two 10.4 inch TFT displays

We have developed a new LCD monitors series designed for use in industrial 19" racks. Two solid handles facilitate safe installation and the 3 mm thick front plate ensures a secure fit in a 19" rack. [more]

VacuBond® Revolutionizes Assembly of Industrial Displays 16.07.2014

3,2 inch TFT display with very small bezel, with and without VacuBond assembled protective glass

Data Display Group's new vacuum-bonding assembly technology VacuBond® responds to the current development towards more fragile TFT display structures, touchscreens and front glasses. [more]

New 18.5" Compact Panel – Open Frame Monitor With A Small Footprint 06.23.2014

Compact Panel CP-G185XW01V1-A00

With the new CP- G185XW01 V1-A00, we add a powerful 18.5 " model to our compact panel open frame monitor series. Especially in applications where an extremely low installation depth is required, the compact panel provides a quick and easy to integrate solution. [more]

LG Display – Very Slim 11.6″ TFT Display with Integrated Converter 06.05.2014

LG Display TFT LP116WH6-SLA1

LG Display's new LP116WH6-SLA1 is a 11.6″ TFT display with HD resolution (1366x768) and LED backlight with integrated converter. Its maximum depth of only 3.1mm and a power consumption of 3.86 Watts make it the perfect choice for applications were a compact design and a low power consumption are essential.[more]

Powerful LED Converter SmartLED-III 06.02.2014

Configurable SmartLED-III Converter

Apollo Displays has introduced the new SmartLED-III to their industrial LED converter series. It provides the same features as the SmartLED-II converter and it can control LED backlights up to 4 channels instead of 2 channels. It has also been designed to drive modern LED rails with Vcc = 20…50V. The converter is highly configurable via the integrated software and thus can be adapted perfectly to the requirements of any application. [more]

High Brightness and wide viewing angle: SGD’s new 12.1″ TFT Display 05.21.2014


With the GKVGC1MNDK2A0 Solomon Goldentek introduces a 12,1″ TFT display with a resolution of 1280x800, a brightness of 1300cd/m² and a symmetrical viewing angle of v/h 176°/176°. These features combined with a wide temperature range of -20...+70°C offer advantages for its use in a variety of demanding industrial applications: [more]

Plug & Play: TFT Display Kit Solutions 05.15.2014

Kit solution: Mitsubishi TFT Display AA150XT01, PrismaECO-III, LED converter and cables

You want to integrate a TFT display quickly and easily into your application? Our kits offer the ideal solution! They consist of the TFT display, a controller board and all necessary accessories such as converter and cables. All components are perfectly matched and tested, so that they can be installed and put into operation right away. [more]

New Features of the Prisma -IIIA TFT Controller 04.28.2014

Prisma-IIIA TFT Controller

Data Display Group’s R&D department continues to improve the Prisma family TFT controllers by adding advanced new features. The Prisma-IIIA and its new firmware version, for example provide the following new features, some of which can be partially configured to the customer’s needs with the MarsRover software: [more]

Compact Panel - ultra-slim open frame monitor 04.24.2014

Compact Panel - very slim open frame monitor

For demanding industrial applications with limited space the ultra-slim open frame monitor series Compact Panel provides the perfect solution. These monitors are available in sizes from 12.1" to 19" and can be integrated easily in industrial devices, vending machines or point-of -Interest (POI) applications.[more]

Mitsubishi 7” TFT Display with 1500 cd/m² 04.17.2014

Mitsubishi TFT Display AA070ME11

Mitsubishi’s AA070ME11 is a compact WVGA (800x480) high brightness 7” TFT display with 1500cd/m² and antiglare coating. Together with its wide operating temperature range of Top -30…+80°C it provides best characteristics for outdoor use, since good readability is ensured even at extreme temperatures and in bright ambient light. [more]

POS-Line Monitor series leaves nothing to be desired 04.07.2014

POS-Line monitor in modern True-Flat design

Data Display Group’s POS-Line gives you the choice of: sizes 10.4" to 55". With a wide variety of housings and controller solutions, our POS-Line leaves nothing to be desired.[more]

5000cd/m² - extremely bright 46″ Samsung TFT Display 04.01.2014

Samsung presents the new LTI460HZ01-V, the follow-up version of the 1500 cd/m² CCFL TFT display LTI460HN03. It features an extreme brightness of 5000 cd/m², which guarantees perfect readability even in direct sunlight while maintaining impressive contrast and deep color. [more]

New Version of the IF392 Interface Board 03.26.2014

Kit solution: TFT display, IF392 interface board and Prisma controller board

Data Display Group’s IF392 interface board was developed for connecting small TFT displays with FFC (flexible flat cable) easily to the Prisma and Artista controller boards, IPCs or to customer’s own systems. The board connects to the LCD controller via the standard LVDS output connector. [more]

Bright, Small Sized TFT Displays from 4.3” to 6.5” 03.13.2014

Bright, Small Sized TFT Displays: G065VN01 V2-V540, AA50MG01 and GKCY43SNBH2EO

The Data Display Group has introduced a selection of small-format TFT displays featuring high brightness. These TFT displays are particularly suitable for handheld applications in measurement and control technology, for medical devices or the automotive industry. [more]

AUO 19″ TFT Display For Extreme Ambient Temperatures 01.15.2014

AUO G190ETN01.2 TFT Display

AUO has just released the 19″ TFT G190ETN01.2 featuring a wide temperature range of -30 to +80°C, which makes it perfect for the use in applications in rooms with extremely warm or cold temperatures. The display has SXGA resolution (1280x1024), a brightness of 350cd/m² and an integrated LED driving board for the backlight.[more]

Digital Information Displays – Large Panel Sizes From 31.5″ to 55″ 01.13.2014

Broad range of DID TFT displays in different sizes

The Data Display Group now offers a wide selection of large panel DIDs with a brightness of 450, 700, 1500 or 2000cd/m². Each of these TFT displays feature integrated LED driving boards, full HD resolution (1920x1080) and a wide viewing angle of v/h 178°/178°, providing perfect optical results.[more]

17″ TFT Display With Wide Viewing Angle: LB170E01-SL01 01.08.2014

Apollo Displays is about to receive the first samples of LG’s new 17” LB170E01-SL01 TFT display. This impressive new display has IPS technology, allowing for a wide viewing angle of v/h 178°/178° and therefore provides an alternative to the very popular, but now obsolete Samsung LTM170E8-L01. [more]

Case study: VideoPoster in London Burger Bar 12.20.2013

VideoPoster case study: Burger Bar in London

Display Technology, our British subsidiary, provided a London burger bar with our VideoPosters. The customer required TFT displays with perfect readability in direct sunlight and being able to show not only slides and slideshows but also full HD videos.[more]

Intelligent LED Backlight Converter - SmartLED-II 12.17.2013

SmartLED-II Converter

The SmartLED-II is the latest version of our in-house developed LED backlight converters and with an output power of up to 40 Watts enables control of two high brightness LED rails. The converter’s special software allows for perfect configuration to meet the special requirements of different application fields. Due to a high-efficiency buck regulator the SmartLED-II reaches an efficiency factor of ≥ 92%. An integrated microcontroller handles all input and control signals.[more]

Competitive Efficiency: AUO M270HVN02.1 TFT Display 12.12.2013

AUO TFT Display M2701HVN02.1

AUO‘s M270HVN02.1 is a powerful yet cost-efficient 27″ full HD TFT Display. The display also boasts a depth of only 10mm, making it fantastic option for tight spaces.[more]

Innolux HJ070IA-02F with wide Viewing Angle 11.28.2013

HJ070IA-02F TFT Display 7"

The new Innolux 7″ TFT display HJ070IA-02F with high resolution (WXGA; 1280x800) and IPS technology wide viewing angle (v/h 178°/178°) offers outstanding image quality and readability. The display has a brightness of 350cd/m², is available for a minimum of 3 years and therefore suitable for long-term industrial designs.[more]

New 18.5” High Bright TFT Displays 11.26.2013

G185XW01V1-V566 High Bright TFT Display

Apollo Displays is please to introduce The Data Display Group's two new 18.5” high bright TFT displays. Featuring highly efficient LED backlights, these new panels ensure good readability in sunlight / bright ambient light, while maintaining impressive contrast and deep color.[more]

Data Display Group’s 5” Projected Capacitive Touch Screens 11.22.2013

Data Display Group’s 5″ multi finger PCAP touchscreens allow small TFT displays to benefit from the advantages of the projected capacitive touch technology. These new PCAP touchscreens are now available in two versions: the cost-saving TP-DD0500-A01 with I²C bus interface and the TP-DD0500-A02 with HID-USB interface which does not require drivers for modern operating systems (e.g. Windows 7, Linux or Android).[more]

Case study: Cycle Hire Terminal 11.15.2013

Cycle hire terminal

A Canadian customer of Apollo Display Technologies realized an interesting project in the UK’s capital London: a cycle hire terminal. One of the customer’s most important issues was perfect readability of the TFT display in bright sunlight.[more]

New 17” Display for Data Display Group ‘s High Bright Family 10.18.2013

G170EG01V1-V567 high brightness TFT display

With the G170EG01V1-V567 we have added a 17” SXGA (1280x1024 ) panel to our especially bright TFT display family. We enhance AUO‘s G170EG01V1 with an LED backlight of the latest generation, optimized for a low power consumption, despite of its high brightness. Thus the display shows a maximum brightness of 1000cd/m² which can be dimmed from 0 to 100% when using our SmartLED converter. [more]

POS-Line Monitors in new sizes 17.10.2013

POS-Line Monitor Front View

The Data Display Group adds new models sized 10.4″, 15.6″ and 17.3″ to the successful POS-Line monitor series. Due to their high resolution all three versions provide excellent image quality: the 10.4″ monitor has an XGA resolution (1024x768 pixel) and the 15.6″ and 17.3″ monitors have a full HD resolution (1920x1080 pixel). As an option, the monitors can be supplied with either an industrial 5-wire resistive touch screen or a DMC projected capacitive touch screen. To protect the monitor display [more]