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TFT subsystem engineering

From idea to product - design, build, deliver. Two Decades of TFT-LCD Controller and Monitor Engineering. Is there anybody with more experience?

Apollo Displays was one of the first companies in the world offering TFT-LCD controllers for the industrial market starting in 1993.

Today, we are the major manufacturer of high quality TFT-LCD controllers in Europe, USA/Canada and supply these boards to industrial, medical, marine and military customers. As an engineering partner of many leading companies all over theworld, we develop and manufacture industrial grade TFT-LCD subsystems including custom hardware, custom firmware/software as well as CAD services to design custom display solutions.

Core competence:

Hardware development TFT-LCD controller hardware. Graphics converters for digital and analog signals, ARM and FPGA-based solutions,interfaces, customization and custom projects.
Driver, Firmware and Application Software Development Firmware for graphics converter boards, LINUX and application software for ARM based
solutions, FPGA programming, Windows/LINUX drivers, customization and custom projects.
Mechanical engineering CAD-Design of finished monitors, open frame solutions, prototyping, european and international certifications, customization and custom designs.
Integration and manufacturing Monitor assembly, Touch Competence Center, integration of touch and protective glass, software integration, TFT modification (high brightness, anti reflective, transflective).
TFT distribution and accessories TFT panel distribution (all manufacturers), supply of all TFT related accessories like power supplies, touches, protection glass, inverter, cables, industrial PC kits.