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Video Controllers
Video Controllers for Video Walls
Media Player

Video Controllers

All built-in video controllers are developed and produced by the Data Display Group in Germany. It is true to our Company philosophy that we select all materials for the manufacture of video controllers with careful consideration of  industrial demands. Alongside reliability, we place great importance on the long-term availability of components and assemblies. Some of our video controllers are already in their 3rd generation without any changes in size or layout having been necessary.

We incorporate 3 different video controllers in our Monitors, depending on the interface and functionality required.

PrismaMEDIA-eco: This controller offers RGB, HDMI (using a DVI-adapter cable) and Displayport interfaces.  It is applicable for all panels with resolution up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200 pixcels) and operates over either RS232 or USB connection. This controller can also be supplied as an expanded variant complete with on-board amplifier, screw-connectors for loudspeakers and a headset socket.
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PrismaMEDIA-eco top view

PrismaMEDIA-eco front view

PrismaECO-III: This controller has an RGB interface, and HDMI (over DVI adapter). It is applicable for panel resolutions up to SXGA (1280 x 1024 pixcels).
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PrismaECO-III top view

PrismaECO-III front view

Prisma-IIIA: This controller is the flagship of the Prisma range and offers the highest performance for all applications. It offers RGB and DVI (over an HDMI-adapter cable) interfaces, and ample ports for analogue video signal input. Up to 8 Composite Video inputs, up to 8 S-Video inputs and one Component Video / YPbPr input are available. A comprehensive bundle of further features, such as Brightness sensor; high-end Picture-in-Picture (PIP) and Picture-and-Picture (PAP);  Tiling and Imageflip functions completes the package.
Prisma-IIIA can be selected  to drive all current TFT Panels up to WUXGA (1920 x 1200) resolution.
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Prisma-IIIA top view

Prisma-IIIA front view

Video Controllers for Video Walls

The demands on video controllers for video walls differ from those on controllers of single-displays. In video walls, many displays are connected together to form one “Big-Screen”. Between the individual displays are bezels that interrupt the image and each display has to extract its own part of that image from the incoming video signal.  Therefore, video controllers for video walls have additional functionality, and alternative methods of cabling.

The video controllers we use offer RGB, DVI and HDMI interfaces for video signals.  The OSD (On Screen Display) menu on a computer is controlled via an RS232 interface. To simplify the cabling, there are further RGB, DVI and HDMI output ports to forward video or control signals to another display.  In addition, there are functions such as Edge Blending, and the ability to manually configure a matrix of monitors.  More information is available in the technical data sheet: "Displays for Video Walls".

Videocontroller for Videowalls: Daisy Chain

Media Player

On request, many of our displays can be delivered with an integrated media player, known as VideoPoster. The media player has been developed by the Data Display Group and fulfils all of the demands of a high-quality industrial product. It is network-compatible and playlists are stored on an SD-card. Content can be loaded over the network, or via the local USB-interface.

The media player plays films in MPEG-4 format, FLV, WMV, WMV-HD and AVI up to Full-HG resolution (1920 x 1080 pixcels). Pictures in jpeg, tiff, png, pdf and bmp format up to Full-HG resolution (1920 x 1080 pixcels) can also be displayed. A 2 x 5-Watt amplifier for loudspeakers is integrated. A comprehensive range of software for creation and monitoring of playlists is available.

The media player can be operated via the HTTP protocol on a server. Integration is facilitated in this case by existing software.

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VideoPoster-III top view


The integration of an entire PC in a display has advantages in many installations, as additional space for external equipment is not needed in this case. Many types of display can be delivered with an integrated PC, if required.  Only selected products from the portfolio of reputable suppliers are used, and a wide spectrum of performance and capability is offered.

As standard, we employ the following processor families and configurations. Please see the relevant data sheets for information as to the specific PC’s available for our various display series.

NANO ITX Motherboard with AMD Ontario T56N CPU and Fusion Graphics Controller. This is an efficient and cost-effective platform with powerful on-board graphics and video accelerator, that is completely adequate for most applications.


Mini ITX Motherboard for Intel i3, i5 and i7 processors. For all process-intensive applications. If required, this option can be scaled to the topmost limit of the Intel i7 processor, so there is no question of performance limitation!

COM Express platforms with a wide bandwith, implementing various processors from Atom over Pentium M and Core2Duo, to i7.  If long-term availability (over 5-years),  flexibility of processor in the same system configuration, and high performance in a small space is required, then the COM-Express architecture, based on Intel’s Embedded Building Blocks Initiative, is the right platform.

Most of our displays with integrated PC’s have no fans. Mass memory is a choice of SSD (Solid-State Drive) or conventional hard drive. Display products can be configured to individual customer requirements, for example with a pre-installed operation system, or additional components such as PCI-Express.