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Show Individuality

Individuality instead of standard? Setting yourself apart from competitors?
A customized design makes it possible to effectively personalize software and adjust it to your company by use of individual color design and company logos. We offer this service for all our chassis.

Make use of our full-service package. We provide assembling of components and production of monitor and touch systems. Our experienced engineers design display systems according to your specific demands. We manufacture both individual protoypes and mass productions.

Our service includes:

  • Mechanical and electronic design
  • Complete SBC/TFT kits incl. imaging of WIN
  • Firmware adjustments / software solutions
  • Touchscreen fitting
  • Vacuum Optical bonding
  • Hardware customization
  • TFT enhancements (HighBright, transflective or LED modifications, etc.)
  • Special TFT formats e.g. triangular, bartype
  • Chassis customization
  • Product enhancements

If products have a special design, they clearly stand out from others, get a unique appearance and thus have a distinctive recognition value! To personalize your design, we have all RAL colors available. Should you be interested in using special colors, we will be glad to help and support you with the color and design determination.