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Apollo Displays Linecard

Samsung Logo

Samsung: We supply you with DID displays of the worldwide market leader Samsung in sizes from 15" to 82". Apollo Displays has an exclusive distribution contract with Samsung for Europe and the USA.

ChiMei Logo

Innolux Corporation (former Chimei Innolux): We have industrial TFT displays from Innolux in sizes from 7" to 25.54". They are particularly suited for multimedia applications. Our cooperation with Innolux is based on a distribution contract.

Optrex Logo

Kyocera/Optrex: We distribute Kyocera/Optrex TFT displays in sizes ranging from 3.5" to 19". The products provide a high stability and long-term availability. The basis for our cooperation with Optrex is a distribution contract.

Mitsubishi Electric: The leading producer offers TFT displays featuring an outstanding product stability as well as long-term availability in sizes  from 5.7" to 19". Mitsubishi TFT displays can only be purchased via Apollo Display Technologies.

DMC Logo

DMC: Apollo offers DMC touchscreens in sizes from 5.7" to 19", with varied touch technologies: analog resistive 4- and 5-wire, analog capacitive or projected capacitive. Customized design on project basis possible.

Zytronic Logo

Zytronic: Apollo supplies projected capacitive touchscreens from Zytronic in sizes ranging from 7" to 55". Due to the integration of a sensor into the glass, Zytronic touchscreens are particularly robust and offer long durability. Customized design on project basis possible.

IRTouch Logo

IRTOUCH: Our product range offers IRTOUCH touchscreens in sizes from 6.4" to 82" and IRTOUCH multitouchscreens (dualtouch) from 12.1" to 52". The bezels of these infrared touchscreens have an integrated touch controller that simplifies the installation into existing applications.

Logo AAEON, DFI, Unicorn

AAEON, DFI, Unicorn: We have the following products from Aaeon, DFI and Unicorn available: Sub-Compact SBCs in 3.5", Compact SBCs in 5.25", Half-Size Slot SBCs, PC/104, Mini-ITX Motherboard and ECX.

Can be customized with different processors; from the energy-saving ATOM processors to high performance Core i7 processors.

AMD/ATI: We distribute high performance graphics processors of ATI with an outstanding 2D, 3D and multimedia graphics performance.

They have particularly been created to meet the requirements in the embedded area and provide an availability of five years for a wide range of applications.

3M's Dispersive Signal Technology (DST) touch screens are the perfect choice for large screen applications in sizes ranging from 10.4" to 55".

Touch Screens von INOTOUCHINOTOUCH’s projected capacitive touchscreens with dual touch function and Silver Pattern Technology have a very narrow bezel area. Sizes from 5.6" to 23"                                     are available.

Fujitsu produces industrial analog resistive touch screens in 4- and 7-wire designs from 3.7" to 17".

eTurboTouch: We supply eTurboTouch's analog matrix touch screens sized 20" and 23". These real 10 finger multi Touch Screens offer a high resolution and perfomance, despite a low power consumption.