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Apollo Displays & the DD Group - Proud To Be Green

Saving Resources & Reducing Pollution

Apollo Displays and the Data Display Group are proud to be green companies that make an effort to reduce pollution and save natural resources to benefit the environment. Our company buildings have been chosen because of their energy-saving capabilities and green potential. The move of our US subsidiary, Apollo Display Technologies, into a more modern building with sophisticated energy management enabled us to reduce the consumption of gas and electricity by more than 20%. Additionally, a geo-thermal heat pump reduces costs and increases efficiency at the Data Display Group's our headquarters near Munich, Germany. We also achieved similar result in the UK by investing in a new building and investing in green technologies.


Environmental Responsibility: Less Power, Less Noise, Less Pollution

Apollo Displays and the Data Display Group have designed their own TFT controllers to consume less power and offer increased savings potential to users. By choosing a suitable hardware platform, Apollo Displays and the Data Display Group have been able to significantly reduced power consumption without having to sacrifice performance. Apollo and the DD Group also employ fan-less designs in many of our products which greatly reduces excessive noise.

Apollo Displays' Ambient Light Sensor is a perfect example of one of our green products. Our Ambient Light Sensor automatically adjusts the necessary brightness of the display to ambient lighting conditions, reducing power consumption and providing a perfect picture without fluctuations.