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Apollo Displays is happy to unveil our brand new Web Store

We would like to welcome you to the brand new Apollo Displays Web Store. Our customers now have the ability to shop for all their display needs with the click of a button. For your convenience we provide same day shipping for all items in stock ordered before 3PM (EST). Visit us at:

Professional Monitors for Industrial Applications & Digital Signage

Public Displays, Open Frame Monitors, Door Signs & More

Flat panel display systems inform and entertain us. We offer you a diverse range of digital signage solutions for all applications including: medical, industrial, wayfinding, menu boards, kiosks and more.

Distribution & Accessories

TFT-LCD Displays, Controller Boards, Mediaplayers & Touchscreens

We supply you with TFT-LCD displays, touchscreens, cables, power supplies and more. Additionally, we offer TFT controller board solutions developed and engineered here at Apollo Displays.

Customized Solutions

Hardware, Software & Optical Bonding

Apollo offers you the ability to customize and configure our products to suit your specific wants and needs.

Apollo Display Technologies

A leading global provider of engineering and supply-chain solutions for flat panel technologies.

TFT-LCD Distribution, Flatscreen Solutions, TFT Monitors, VideoPosters, Digital Media Content and more

Apollo specializes in TFT-LCD flat panel technologies and supply chain solutions. We offer a huge selection of TFT-LCD monitors and touchscreens, as well as corresponding components. We also offer hardware and software solutions for all of our products and digital signage applications.

As a worldwide supplier of state-of-the-art TFT technologies and system solutions, Apollo Displays supports you in all project phases - from construction of the metal housing and procurement of specific parts to in-house development of controller boards and touchscreen integration.

Optical Bonding

Optical Bonding Of TFT Displays With Touchscreens And / Or Protective Glass

Optical BondingOur new technology provides perfect optical results, is competitively priced and enables short delivery times.

In close strategic and technical co-operation with the Japanese Taica - Group we invested in the latest generation of optical bonding technology. This brand-new vacuum bonding is the substitution of the current world wide used “wet bonding” technology.